Edible Silver Flakes 500 mg


Silver Fineness: 999%
Product is supplied in a plastic jar.

Silver Flakes are ideal for garnishing any dishes you desire, from starters to desserts, cocktails and drinks. Let your imagination run wild.


Edible Silver Flakes are now available in a plastic jar. Turn your desserts and culinary presentations into works of art with this genuine Edible Silver Leaf Flakes Ideal for special occasions like Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries and Celebrations Create exquisite desserts and memorable dining experiences by simply adding elegant Edible Silver Flakes to Champagne, Fine Baked Goods, Candies, and Holiday Cakes. Edible Silver Flakes is also great for chocolates, fruits, cakes, marzipan, etc.

– 999% Edible Silver Flakes
– size 500 mg
– E174

Certification: The raw material employed is certified as having 999,9/°°° purity. It furthermore holds the food decoration certificate (E174) as per enclosed certification.

Advice for use:
– Always avoid touching product with fingers
– Always use the appropriate pincers for lifting and positioning the product Handle product in a draught-free environment
– Breathe very lightly when close to product to avoid air-lifting it

Conservation: Keep in a cool and dry place between 15C and 25C, preferably with a relative humidity index not over 50%

Shelf-life: To be used preferably within 3 year from packaging date

Additional information

Weight 50 g

Available Sizes

0.5 grams


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