24K Gold Leaf Anti-Wrinkle Facial Mask


The Q-loca Gold Leaf 24K Skin Sheets are a pack of mini masks made from 24K gold leaf. Wearing these on your skin (whether your face or other parts of the body) greatly enhances the quality of your skin. Press the sheet against the area of your skin that requires attention and then gently peel off the sheet. The gold-leaf will remain on the skin. After 10 minutes of relaxing, add make-up and foundation to your skin as normal, integrating with the invigorating gold-leaf properties with your body.

Recommended for use once a week.

Available 50 leaves each.

Measuring 80×80 mm

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24 karats pure gold leaf is particularly suitable for direct application on the skin, through face or body masks. To make easier a direct application, the gold leaf is supported on a tissue paper that also allows to reduce the squandering.

How to Use :

How to use 24K gold leaf mask

1. Cleanse and thoroughly dry your face.
2. Clean face with warm, moist towels about 1 to 2 minutes.
3. Apply serum or your favorite skin care using upward, circular motion to your face. Do not rinse off.
4. Apply the 24k gold facial mask as shown, smooth the mask gently to ensure good contact with the skin.
5. Massage in the 24k gold facial mask using upward, circular motion to your face until absorbed completely.

※ Please refrain your allergic to metal.
* Please use, avoiding the eyes.
* In the area of abnormal scars, rashes, eczema, etc., use to do please.
* If you should agree with your skin and stop using, please consult your doctor.
Please note don’t gilt. During the accidents, immediately rinse with water.
* After opening as much as possible to use. Also, do not store in direct sunlight, temperature is extremely high or low temperature location.
* Keep so far out of reach of children.

Content amount Pack of 50
Size 80 mm x 80 mm
Materials Pure gold leaf

Additional information

Weight 15 g


80 x 80 mm


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