Edible Gold Leaf 24kt – Size 80 x 80 mm – 25 Leaves


  • Certificates for Edible Gold and Silver Leaf
  • Food Grade Edible Gold Leaf, Colouring E175.
  • Loose leaves
  • Standard size: 80mm x 80mm
  • 25 Sheets/Booklet

20 in stock


In addition to this dish they are perfect for covering cakes and pastries. For an accurate application of the leaf is suggested to use a palette knife.

– 24K Edible Gold Leaf
– Loose leaves
– size 80×80 mm
Colouring E175
– Available in pack 25 leaves / booklet

Certification: The raw material employed is certified as having 999,9/°°° purity. It furthermore holds the food decoration certificate (E175) as per enclosed certification.

Advice for use:
– Always avoid touching product with fingers
– Always use the appropriate pincers for lifting and positioning the product Handle product in a draught-free environment
– Breathe very lightly when close to product to avoid air-lifting it

Conservation: Keep in a cool and dry place between 15C and 25C, preferably with a relative humidity index not over 50%

Shelf-life: To be used preferably within 5 year from packaging date

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


Type of Gold Leaf


80 x 80 mm


25 Leaves


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